Learn About These Strange and Unusual Fish


There are nearly 28,000 known species of fish in oceans and rivers, and each of them has its distinct characteristics. However, some of them are just too strange and unusual – you might be surprised they exist. Read below and know some of the most bizarre and weirdest fish on the planet known to man.

1. Wolfish


You might expect a wolffish to be aggressive, especially that its length can span over 2 meters. Despite its size, it is actually docile, hiding in caves and nooks across the ocean floor, and feeding on its favorite hard-shelled invertebrates, such as clams and crabs.

2. Snakehead Fish

Snakehead Fish

The snakehead fish is a member of Channidae, a freshwater fish family, and is found in parts of Africa and Asia. These elongated, predatory fish are known for their large mouths, long dorsal fins, and shiny teeth. While they feast on other fish, they are a delicacy themselves in Vietnam and Myanmar.

3. Coffinfish


This oddly-looking fish can be found on the east coast of Australia. They have a spiny, globose body and like to stay on the muddy areas across the ocean floor. The coffinfish is technically a sea toad, which can hide lures in its snout.

4. Whitemargin Stargazer

Whitemargin Stargazer

The Whitemargin Stargazer buries itself in the sand with only its eyes and mouth displayed, making it also renowned as pop-eye fish. It waits for any unsuspecting victim to pass and catch it for food. Another weird thing about this fish is that it has electric organs in the body, discharging around 50 volts if in the right conditions.

5. Asian Sheepshead Wrasse

Asian Sheepshead Wrasse

What’s impressive with Asian Sheepshead Wrasse is its remarkable ability to switch gender whenever it desires. It is one of the largest of the Wrasse family and known for its bulbous chin. It is native in the Asian waters, specifically in Japan, South China, and Korea.

6. Frogfish


The frogfish has the ability to change its color, seemingly like a chameleon. However, it takes a few weeks for them to shift one shade to another. Moreover, they don’t have a swim bladder, so it uses jet propulsion instead to navigate in the waters.

7. Boxfish


As its name suggests, a boxfish is shaped like a box. Its shape is due to its shell-like bony built carapace, which is found within its body. They tend to be meek, but don’t let peacefulness fool you as they possess a deadly toxin.

8. Fangtooth


The fangtooth is another terrifying-looking fish though, they are generally harmless to humans. Its name is derived from its fanglike teeth, that are seemingly too large for its little body.

9. Stonefish

Rock formations are remarkable and stunning, making them an instant background for any Instagram post. However, we’re sure you won’t take a selfie with a fish that looks like rocks. The stonefish is one of the most toxic fish on the planet. Mind your step as their toxin can be fatal if left untreated.

10. Goblin Shark

Goblin Shark

Whoever named this feature was a little bit kind as this creature looks more bizarre than its given designation. It has a long, flat snout protruding from its head. It is aesthetically strange, but fortunately, the snout grows shorter as the creature ages.

11. Anglerfish


While it is undeniably bizarre-looking, the anglerfish is one of the most distinct predatory fish on the ocean. It has a fleshy rod that grows on its head, which glows every time it is wiggle, acting as a lure or bait to unsuspecting prey.

12. Parrotfish


Parrotfish looks pretty normal compared to other fish on this list. However, they have a disgusting habit. Some of their species secrete mucus cocoons as their protection before going to sleep. It covers the fish and conceals itself, which is generally good for its life. However, it is just hard to picture using your snot as your blanket at night.

13. Tassled Scorpionfish

Tassled Scorpionfish

The tassled scorpionfish is a carnivorous ray-finned fish that possesses venomous spines. It can span up to 36 meters and typically lives in the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Swimmers are prone to accidentally stepping on them on shallow waters. Such incidents may lead to a painful injury or can even be fatal.

14. Jawfish


The jawfish hatches its eggs in its mouth to protect its offspring from predators. They also use their mouth to create burrows by scooping sand and spitting it out elsewhere. Whenever they feel danger, they dart back to their self-made shelter for safety.

15. Lionfish


The lionship is among the most fascinating and distinct fishes in the ocean. It boasts colorful stripes, ranging from orange, red, brown, black, and white, that are arranged in a zebra-like pattern. While they are venomous, they became a delicacy in certain countries. But, their majestic appearance is undeniable, some people keep them as pets.

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