What Were Darwinist Fairies?


The birth or creation of humans has been a subject of debate for many years, with scientists formulating different theories as to how we came to be. The most popular out of all those theories is the theory of evolution, wherein our species, Homo sapiens, was naturally developed a result of the evolutionary process that apes or monkeys have gone through millions of years ago. However, there are some who claim that the theory of evolution is just a “Darwinist fairytale.”

What is a “Darwinist fairytale,” and how do we classify a study, a theory, or a story as one? Let us take a look at the well-known definition of the term for us to know the answer.

Darwinists and the Theory of Evolution

theory of evolution

Most of us probably know what the term “fairytale” means, as it is supposed to denote stories that may have originated from local folklore; however, not a lot know what the definition of “Darwinist.”

A Darwinist is someone who believes in the theory of biological evolution, otherwise known as Darwinism. The theory was first developed by Charles Darwin, an English naturalist who proposed that all species on Earth have evolved in the process of natural selection, where the strongest, the fittest, or even the wittiest are able to survive better than weaker ones.

To better explain natural selection, let us imagine a scenario wherein long-necked giraffes and short-necked giraffes are competing on who can get to the only food source that they have, which are the leaves of a tall tree. Of course, the long-neck giraffe would have an easier time to get food, while the short-necked giraffe will be left to starve. The long-neck giraffe would survive and will be able to reproduce more giraffe with long necks, and those giraffes with shorter necks will become extinct. This is the scenario that Charles Darwin believes to be the reason why we now have millions of long-neck giraffes compared to the scarcity or rarity of short-necked giraffes in the world.

Charles Darwin further expanded his theory in the book “On the Origin of Species,” which he published in 1859 and remains controversial until today. It is important to note that during Darwin’s time, there were no modern means to study genetics, and this lack of research on heredity allowed Darwin to be a forerunner in the examination of species evolution.

Today, Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is a centerpiece in the study of biology and life science, as almost all biologists believe that Darwin’s theory may be true, as it is strengthened by several conducted pieces of research that show animals evolving due to natural selection. However, the studies on the matter are not enough to prove that the theory is now considered as a fact, and we might not even see in our lifetime if that will happen.

Despite the theory of evolution being regarded as a closer-to-the-truth study, some believed that Darwin’s claims are false, with a few of them saying that Darwinists cannot even replicate the theorized results given by natural selection in a laboratory, as humans will not be able to explain the complexities of life on Earth. The anti-Darwinists then said that all of the stories and studies put out by those who believe in Darwin’s theories are all “fairytales,” and the term slowly evolved into what we know today as “Darwinist fairytale.”

Is the Theory of Evolution a Fairytale?

The belief that every living being on Earth can evolve is said by anti-Darwinists to be “fairytales,” as there is no substantial evidence that suggests animals are evolving through natural selection. Those animals that scientists say to have evolved over the years were called by antis to be “fairies,” which can be interpreted to be a mockery of the theory since fairies don’t exist, and they are only living in the world if you believe in them and if you have a colorful imagination. The studies conducted on the theory of evolution were then called “tales,” as they may be fictitious or fabricated to suit the belief of many.

Since millions of people already believe that Darwin’s theory is true and may have become the dogma in biology, anti-Darwinists say that scientist who opposes the theory are just afraid that they may get shunned for not agreeing with many, which is why succumbed to peer pressure and his their negative opinions on the theory of evolution.

However, in the present time, the numbers of those who oppose biological evolution are increasing, as social media has become the entryway for antis to express their opinion on the matter, and they are starting to influence other people to join their cause in disproving the Darwinists’ claims. In the future, we may either see people believing that evolution is a myth, or we might see progress in studies that claim the theory of evolution is correct.

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