Making A Style Statement With Lanyards

As governments start to uplift lockdowns, people are venturing out of their homes, but only when necessary. Wearing a face mask has become mandatory in public places or limited scope for social distancing. It protects you from infections and cross-contamination.

Masks don’t have to be those boring surgical green or blue ones that give you a hospital feel. They are available in bright colors and a variety of patterns and prints. How you wear the mask has also changed. A face mask lanyard can become an accessory that enhances your appearance. You, too, can use one or more of the lanyards mentioned below to become a style diva.

Chain Lanyards

Chains can be metallic or made of glass beads. Both look cool and add a touch of personal style to your face mask. They are bright in color and have clips at the end that can be attached to your mask. These are more towards an innovative variety, so you can let your imagination go wild.

You have a choice of gold, silver, bronze, or oxidized metal. If you want something more colorful, you can pick a color coated metal lanyard. The design can be broad or narrow, long links or short, oval, circular, or rectangular.

American Flag

Nothing spells patriotism like the American flag hanging around your neck. Well, you can’t carry the flag itself, but having a lanyard with the print of the stripes and stars can be the next best thing. You can wear it on the 4th of July and other landmark holidays to mark the event. It can make a wonderful gift for your friends and colleagues too.

Puzzle Piece Pattern

This lanyard is designed in interlocked, colorful puzzle pieces. They come in a combination of 3-4 bright colors and can be spotted from a distance. They also symbolize Autism awareness, indicating that autistic people are like a puzzle. You need to understand one piece at a time. This face mask lanyard works well in any setting.

Charm Lanyard

Based on the concept of a charm bracelet, a charm lanyard has several baubles dotted around it. They can be hearts, flowers, droplets, beads, tiny keys, or leaves. It enhances any casual outfit allowing you to stand out from the crowd, even while wearing your mask. It’s perfect for teenage girls. You can get one for all your BFF’s.

Pearls for Your Mask

A pearl adorned chain lanyard is perfect for a special evening. If you are going for dinner with friends and family, it enhances your evening dress. Instead of wearing a necklace, you can accessorize with a pearl lanyard. Even when inside, you don’t need to take it off. They act as a replacement for jewelry.

Lanyards for Kids

You can’t leave the kids behind every time. But the issue you encounter is size. The solution is the kids’ lanyards. These come with adjustable stoppers that allow customization of size. They also come in bright colors and make it difficult to lose a mask that is hanging around their necks.

These lanyards come with a safety breakaway that comes off only when pulled forcefully. This is for those fussy kids. They are also comfortable so that kids don’t fidget with them. You can buy a multi-color pack to have one matching every outfit.

You can be avant-garde even with your face covered. Wearing face masks is about your safety. Why not be stylish while safe. You can use a face mask lanyard as an accessory to dress up. Most people have masks that match outfits. Make them a part of your everyday outfits or evening wardrobe and add panache to your look.