Show off your NFT portfolio on Reddit

NFTs revolutionized the digital art world in a matter of weeks, allowing artists to sell their work for significant sums of money. The sales are very tempting, so many artists and photographers have begun to focus on NFT projects.

When it comes to trying to sell your work, all social media platforms play a role.

What does NFT sales depend on?

Sales depend on widespread linking to your NFT auctions and sending people directly to the gallery – using a “link to bio” is simple but not effective enough.

Indeed, Twitter is the best platform for link sharing, but most artists and photographers agree that if you already have a Reddit account with lots of karma, no matter how modest it is, you shouldn’t neglect it.

Reddit is a content machine whose community has a say.

If a post gets a lot of upvotes, it goes up in the Reddit rankings and therefore more people can see it.

If it gets downvotes, its visibility goes down.

There you can not only showcase your work in the threads of the artist community.

You can study those NFT questions that you do not understand and leave your opinion on the issues you do understand.

Show your NFT creation process to the entire Reddit community

Share with people more than just your NFT project, show your work.

Sharing the creative process, showing how your work comes together, what inspires you, is something that seems to generate a lot of interest.

Reddit is still the place to showcase your portfolio and show not only your current NFT projects and your past work, but also a good space for description of advertisements.

Create your NFT community on your reddit account with lots of upvotes and look for collectors

The trajectory and evolution of an artist’s work can be critical to NFT collectors.

It’s a shame that not everyone has the opportunity to raise their account well. But buying upvotes is a good alternative. After all, the more upvotes you have and the cooler your Reddit account, the more users will see your part-folder and the history of your Art NFT creation.

Сommenting and creating posts for several years allows you to get enough points to reach the middle of the rating list. By buying Reddit upvotes you can divide this long term by 2-3 times

In the current economic crisis, it is understandable why many artists and photographers are beginning to study NFT and use NFT projects — this is a modern trend.

Of course, it’s important not to dwell on what the market has to offer, but to focus on creating art with personality, using the full potential of NFT projects.