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Basketball is a game played with the hoop and net called a basket. It is played between two teams, each having five players. This is basically played by each player trying to score a goal against the opponent team by tossing the ball into the elevated hoop and net. Basketball is played and loved by many nations. It would not be wrong to say that it holds one of the top spots in the most favorite sports list.

Is Basketball an Indoor Game or Outdoor?

Basketball is basically an indoor game, but most people consider it an outdoor sport. The court of the game is rectangular and is placed indoors. Almost all professional court games, including NBA games, are played indoors.

When Was Basketball Invented?

Basketball was invented in the 19th century by James Naismith. It was probably December 1891 when he gave the idea of this game at Young Men’s Christian Association training school. He was working as a physical education instructor there. Basketball has been an important part of school sports in the US.

The first-ever basketball was not in its present form. A soccer ball and a fruit basket were the first combinations for this game. The evolution of this game occurred slowly with time, and then it gained popularity.

How Does a Basketball Look?

A basketball is an inflated spherical ball. It is usually inflatable, and the inner rubber is wrapped in many layers of fibers. This layered rubber bladder is covered with leather rubber or any synthetic composite. A traditional basketball is generally an orange-colored ball with black ribs, but now various balls are available.

Technological Improvements in the Game

Earlier, when the game was invented, it consisted of a soccer ball and a basket. The game had a few rules. It was to score the goal against the opponent team. The goal was to throw the ball into the basket. The basket was placed at a certain height, so the goal was considered a little difficult.

The first-ever improvement in the game was to get the bottom of the basket open. When the ball was thrown in the basket, it almost became a duty to get it out of the basket. The bottom end of the basket was cut to avoid this.

Technological Improvements in the Game

After this, several amendments were made in the game and its rule, a lot of replacements were done, and the styling of both the basket and the ball was changed that took the game to where it is now. This simple game at that time is now played with all the regulations on global platforms.

Differences from the Original Game

There are many differences in the present-day basketball game if we compare it with the original game. The original game was very distinct from modern basketball. One of the major differences is that the original game did not involve dribbling.

The players in the original game used to throw the ball from the place where they caught it. In this way, the player used to catch the ball standing a few steps away from the goal point. Another big difference was that one throw in the basket was not considered a goal; instead, three consecutive throws by the same team members were considered one goal against the opponent team.

The Popularity of the Game

Basketball made its place in the sports industry by growing slowly. It became famous after world war two and gained popularity in the first three decades. The game developed more when the media coverage introduced the game to people at home.

The popularity of basketball is evident from being a part of the international Olympic Games. It is now famous worldwide, especially in Spain, Italy, and European countries.

Basketball at High Schools and Colleges

The reviews about basketball as a part of high school and the college game is a very rigid and structured part of daily sports. It improves individual skills as well as the ability to work with a team. This game ultimately proves the importance of one-on-one performances that make the team win.

At many physical training institutes, basketball is considered a necessary part of the course. This game is now a part of the school’s sports teams and carried as a profession by many students who are good at sports.

Importance of Basketball around the Globe

Basketball is considered a famous game all around the globe, and it was made a part of the display at the national museum of the USA. A basketball is kept at the Smithsonian Institute, one of the largest museums in the world.

What is the Smithsonian Institute?

Smithsonian_logo_colorSmithsonian is a national museum in the USA. This museum was founded on August 10, 1846. It is basically an educational and research museum. It is the world’s largest museum.

It was named after the name of its founder, a famous British scientist James Smithson. This institute’s original name was “United States National Museum” when organized, but it was later named as Smithsonian Museum in early 1967.

Display at the Museum

The ball kept in the national museum in the USA was used by the donor. Thomas Weber used the same ball in Newburyport, Massachusetts, during the early 1970s.  The complete description of the display is as below:

Name of the Object

The object placed in the museum is labeled as “basketball.”

Manufacturing Date

The basketball kept in the museum was made in 1974, but the associated years are from 1974 to 1976.


Model basketball was made by the famous company “Wilson Sporting Goods Company.”It is a famous sports goods company around the world. The special thing about the ball kept in the museum is that it was used by Weber, Thomas E., and this feature is mentioned in the display description of the ball at Smithsonian Institute’s Basketball Display.

Physical Appearance

The ball is made up of synthetic rubber material, and the overall color is orange and black. Black ribs and orange base color. It is overall 10 inches in size, almost 25.4 cm.


The ball is placed under the subject of Sports and Recreation in the museum.

How Does Basketball Influence Health?

Basketball is an energetic and dynamic game. It makes the body healthy and keeps it active. It gives stamina to the body through sprinting. Running up and down to keep the ball in your circle requires energy and sprinting, which gives the body working and activity.

Basketball is a game that keeps the body indulged in many kinds of movement. It includes jumping, running, hitting and catching the ball, changing the position while running to catch the ball, take the shot, and grab a rebound. The muscle contractions make the muscles stronger.


The game has been revolutionized a lot over the years. Basketball is an excellent way to enjoy the teamwork, game, stay committed to rules, and remain fit. Basketball is a part of many institutes and is a highly recommended game. It can teach the children the values and importance of achieving their goals and teamwork. Hence, this is why it is also displayed in the Smithsonian Institution for future generations to see the importance of this amazing sport.

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