Social Media Insight: How to have Organic Growth


Social media is a place where your dreams can come true. It is not only reserved for online bullying or negative aspects. If you are an aspirant blogger on social media and want the world to see the passion flooding inside of you, you don’t need to go after the fake identity. Or sometimes, it may happen that there are thousands of followers, but still, there is not enough reach. You can become an influencer with an organic audience as well. Here are the tips for rising high on the pedestal of social media and standing out as a blogger, whatever the category is. We will be listing everything that you need as a social media influencer.

Keep it Simple

The first step of gaining the attention of followers as an influencer is to keep it simple. Talk about daily life; share your favorite TV shows, movies, or even the favorite recipes. When people see someone they can relate to, they will likely follow the person and not only follow, and they will take an active interest. Everyone needs a common ground, so you can have organic flow on your platform by seeking that common ground.


One of the ways to keep the people on your platform engaged is to create giveaways. You can start from something as small as a box of chocolates or snacks, but you will see the amount of audience increasing rapidly once you start it. Everyone loves gifts, so this might be an opportunity for you to create traffic on your page. There are many tactics through which you can grab their attention once you have decided on a giveaway.


One of the ways can be to ask your followers to comment as much as they can to win the giveaway. This creates engagement and draws other people as well.


You can ask your followers to tag three or more people to win the giveaway simply. In this way, those new people who are tagged will check out your profile, and they will take part in the giveaway.


By asking the people to share your giveaway post, you will be creating organic traffic for your platform because curious people will click on your profile, and they will take part in the giveaway. Make sure to ask them to follow you. In this way, your followers will increase.

Use Visuals

Visuals are the most attractive part of any social media platform. Even when you are writing about a particular issue or anything, do not forget to post a visual because it helps in having the full attention of the people.

Speak about Issues

People love to hear about the burning issues from the influencers on social media. This is your chance to rise by totally expressing how you feel about specific problems with the popular hashtag. When people follow an influencer, they automatically look forward to hearing the stance of those influential people about any subject. Share your stories about being bullied or experiencing any marginalized behavior, and then you will get the followers who can relate to it.

Choose your words wisely

Using words that are harmless is the most important thing. It is not just the code of social media life but also of humanity. Even if you see someone criticizing you or abusing you, don’t stoop to their level and just keep it as humble as possible. This has to be done naturally, and you will see that kindness gets you to places that nothing else can bring.

Keep in touch with your followers

A lot of people complain about the influencers not keeping in touch with their followers, but hey, you can beat them to it. You can engage with your followers through simple things such as creating a post where you let them ask questions or simply replying to their comments.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t buy inorganic followers with fake identity but try creating organic traffic with the original followers who will always keep in touch with you. It will help you to be the best in town, and your authentic audience would be proud of you.


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