How Many Calories are Burned Playing Tennis?

How Many Calories are Burned Playing Tennis?

Tennis is a gratifying sport played by millions. When you ask many people about this sport, they’ll never fail to tell you how elegant and exciting the game looks and feels.  But thankfully, the sport provides plenty of benefits ranging from social to other aspects. The benefits of playing tennis are widely … Read more

4 Different Strokes of Tennis


Tennis is among the most-watched and enjoyed sports on the planet. Year after year, flood into stadiums and tune in from their homes to see who can outmatch the greatest of the greatest. Tennis has brought us the most recognizable names in sports.: Williams, Agassi, Graf, Novak, Kournikova, Sampras. These people have … Read more

4 Pro Tips for Practicing Tennis

Tennis, just like any other sport, requires practice for optimum performance. It also demands a lot of commitment and endurance from players. Professional tennis players keep practicing daily to improve their performance and prevent injuries. Training will help you improve your strokes, footwork, strength, and strategy. Below are some ways you can … Read more

The Grand Slam – what’s the big deal?

The Grand Slam

Male Grand Slam winners If you’re Rod Laver or Don Budge (back in 1938) you’re the only male singles champions to win the Grand Slam which includes the US Open, Wimbledon, the Australian Open and the French Open. It literally criss-crosses the world and changes from clay to grass for the court. … Read more

Tennis – The Sport of Kings


Tennis is the grand sport… There is something magnificent about the game. And, there is a reason singles is far more popular than doubles. Its the world of mano-amano. Man against man and also quite frankly woman against woman which is growing in popularity. Two famous tennis quotes include: Kings of Tennis … Read more