Can Video Games Improve Your Concentration?

Can Video Games Improve Your Concentration

Over decades, the industry of video games has become extremely valuable and supermassive. New individuals are joining the fun every second, and we even witnessed the creation of some country’s national teams. As Neal Taparia – a serial entrepreneur who runs Solitaired – points out, innumerable YouTubers discuss video games nonstop, and video game designer is … Read more

The Best and Worst of Microtransaction Video Games!

The Best and Worst of Microtransaction Video Games!

Technological advances change everything! Yes, online transactions are not currently limited to buying and selling online but are already expanding deep into the gaming world. You don’t have to move from your house to buy a game, purchase rare items, even unlock the most challenging levels. You also don’t have to go … Read more

8 Iconic Real Estate Properties in Video Games

8 Iconic Real Estate Properties in Video Games

Video games remain a popular hobby for many. Besides being an entertaining respite from school or work, video games appeal to many because of their enchanting environment, rewarding challenges, and notable locations. Some games are also known for their central hubs, the main character’s homes, and towns that make playing more fun. … Read more

When Video Games Meet Clothing Brands

The global esports audience has soared past the 450 million mark this year and that has turned the leading lights into genuine superstars. They have seven-figure bank balances, huge social media followings and vast global fan bases. They are true icons and they need to look the part, so esportswear is evolving … Read more

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

The media, the government, and the inexperienced people always say “VIDEO GAMES CAUSE VIOLENCE” when, in fact, it is the complete opposite. First of all, do not believe in the lies saying gaming influences violent acts; that’s like saying rock n’ roll cause violence. If you are looking for online gaming to … Read more


Disney games have taken the world by storm. Today, every child’s birthday wish is to visit Disney world. The mention of Aladdin or mickey mouse gives us nostalgia of our good old childhood memories. Disney games typically feature characters from our favorite movies such as The Lion King and Aladdin. The games … Read more