The Complete Step-by-Step Guide for First-Time Handgun Buyers


Portability and discreteness make handguns like the Taurus G2C 9mm the most versatile firearm, designed for everyday carry and comfort. The market hosts an expansive selection of handguns that are ideal for many different situations.

Handguns are favored for civilian personal protection because they can be easily concealed, while law enforcement officers carry them due to ease of access. Various military personnel carry handguns for protection. A handgun can be great for hunting as well, whether for recreation or survival. For those who simply like to shoot, either competitively or casually, a handgun is a useful and accessible option. Check out FN Specialities for choices.

An owner will find that owning a handgun offers numerous benefits besides utility. Being a gun owner means more personal responsibility, as there are plenty of important considerations to stay on top of. It also means more discipline, since learning how to shoot requires it. Lastly, owning a handgun builds confidence and fosters a sense of pride. The process of purchasing the right handgun is a very important one that requires self-assessment, research, and experimentation. If you’re planning to buy a handgun for your protection, this trusted and experienced gun shop Delaware can help find the perfect handgun for you.

Do research and make primary decisions

Purchasing a handgun for the first time is a potentially life-changing event, so researching in order to make the most informed and appropriate purchase decision is essential.

Determine personal needs

The first step in selecting a handgun for purchase is determining what the handgun will be used for. Whether for concealed carry or recreation, the buyer must identify the most essential handgun function and let that be the primary determining factor.

Decide between a semi-automatic or revolver

These two types of handguns have different advantages depending on the buyer’s needs and experience. A semi-automatic reloads more quickly, has greater cartridge capacity, and is more easily concealable. Semi-automatics hold more rounds, but require a specific power of ammunition.

A revolver, on the other hand, can digest heavy or light ammunition.  A revolver is also less complex and easier to use for a first-time gun owner and is less likely to malfunction.

Choose the correct caliber

The caliber of a handgun determines the amount of recoil and the effectiveness of the gun and cartridge combination, so choosing the right caliber based on needs and skill level is very important. For a first-time owner, a lower-recoil cartridge is recommended for accuracy and speed of shooting.

Get hands-on

It’s impossible to know if a handgun is the right one without holding it and trying it out. Every gun feels a little different, and there’s a whole lot of options. The surefire way to determine the right firearm to purchase is to physically examine all the options.

Shop in person

After making some preliminary decisions and narrowing down options, head to an in-person store to see, feel, and hold potential options. Test-firing a gun before purchasing it is essential as it’s the only way to truly get a feel for the firearm. Some gun stores have in-house shooting ranges where test-firing happens, while others allow rentals.

Take up firearm training

Firearm training, apart from simply teaching one to shoot properly, goes into many safety considerations to ensure as little risk of misuse as possible. Firearm training prepares a first-time gun owner to handle a gun safely, accurately, and effectively, building confidence for those who may not yet be used to shooting a gun. In-person training is ideal, but training can be done even at home with the use of technology.

Parting shot

Purchasing a handgun for the first time is a big decision and the process of selecting the right firearm might seem daunting. Choosing the perfect handgun is a personal decision based on self-assessment, research, and trial. Putting the time and effort into this process ensures that a future gun owner is making the right decision for themselves.




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