The football world will forever remember Maradona


Sapo: Football legend Diego Maradona died at the age of 60 after a long time fighting illness with a stroke at home. With the departure of Maradona, Argentina will hold a national mourning for three days. The Maradona visit has been held since November 26 at the Presidential Palace Casa Rosada, the headquarters of the Argentine executive in the capital Buenos Aires.

If you are of later generations, you may not be able to watch live bong da truc tiep matches at his training feet. That is a very regretful thing. Although his departure has left an irreversible regret for Argentina and for all the fans around the world. But his dedication to football is still there. His glory and fame will be passed down.

The football players expressed their regret for Maradona

“King of football” Pele, the only person with Maradona recognized by the football world as two of the greatest players of the 20th century expressed mourning for the death of a colleague: “It’s sad that I lost someone. You, the world had just lost a legend. One day, I will play football with Diego Maradona in heaven”.

Former British player Gary Lineker – winner of the 1986 World Cup “top scorer” award, the tournament that Maradona brought Argentina to the championship, shared on his personal page: “Up to now, you are still the best in the world. Our generation is, without a doubt, the greatest of all time. Through a life of joy but also very turbulent, I hope you will find a peaceful place in God’s arms”.

French legend Eric Cantona also paid tribute to Maradona through Instagram: “I will miss you very much Diego, but for me, you live forever. It’s hard to describe the feelings right now.

On his personal page, Didier Drogba – football legend of Ivory Coast shared: “My idol is gone. The first football shirt in my life was printed with the name Maradona. Rest in peace, the man who gives me love for the ball.

“This is a huge loss for football in particular, and the world in general. The 1986 World Cup is still engraved in my mind, with what Maradona did there. It’s hard to say it out loud. Today, we are very sad, ”coach Zinedine Zidane emotionally shared in the match Real Madrid and Inter Milan in the Champions League group stage on November 26.

And UEFA President Aleksander Čeferin said: “I am deeply saddened to hear that Diego Maradona has passed away, he is one of the greatest and most iconic figures in world football. He has achieved greatness with his own genius and charisma.

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Let’s look back at Maradona’s career

Maradona, dubbed the “Golden Boy”, is the only person in football on a par with Pele. When he was born, he played for the defense, scoring 34 goals in 91 games for the Argentina team.

Let's look back at Maradona's career

Maradona became famous from a very young age

The culmination of Maradona’s career was the World Cup championship in 1986 – the tournament he created five times and scored five goals, including the still mentioned legacies now a goal compared to “The Hand of God “and a solo from the middle of the field against England.

At club level, Maradona played a total of 259 games, scoring 115 goals and 29 assists in the colors of Boca Juniors, Barca and Napoli. He was most mentioned during his time at Napoli, for helping the mid-range Italian club then win the Scudetto in 1987 and 1990.

Maradona became famous when he was 10 years old. On September 28, 1971, the daily Clarin (Argentina) had a long article about a kid born in Lanus, Buenos Aires. Maradona is described as “a small boy with exceptional talent”. Before that, Maradona was often invited by the Argentinos club to perform at the break between halves.

Maradona played his first professional game on October 20, 1976 – 10 days before his 16th birthday. Four months later, he was called up to the Argentina team for a friendly against Hungary. However, in the 1978 World Cup, Maradona was struck by coach Cesar Menotti for being too young.

At the age of 21, Maradona was already on par with 1978 World Cup champions Mario Kempes and Daniel Passarella. As Argentina’s number one hope, Maradona aspired to win the 1982 World Cup. But in the second group stage, Argentina lost both games, to Italy and Brazil. One of the famous moments in the tournament on Spanish soil, is the image of midfielder Claudio Gentile following “Golden Boy” as a picture with the ball. World Cup that year, Maradona only scored two goals and Argentina became the former king.

The success of the World Youth Championship helped Maradona to be famous in Argentina. He set a record five times to win the title of top scorer in domestic championships. However, because Argentinos were unable to compete for the championship, Maradona moved to Boca Juniors in 1981 and helped the financially troubled club win the 1981 Metropolitano.

Failure in the 1982 World Cup opened another low note in Maradona’s career. A few days before the World Cup, “Golden Boy” agreed to move to Barca, but his two years at Camp Nou were associated with hepatitis and ankle injuries. Barca’s leaders were out of patience, after behind-the-scenes clashes between Maradona and the president and then pushed him to Napoli in the summer of 1984.

Maradona's lackluster career at Barca

Maradona’s lackluster career at Barca

Napoli in the 1980s was like the present Atalanta. They are ambitious but have modest finances and it is difficult to recruit stars. However, the fact is that both Juventus and AC Milan have enough foreign soldiers making Napoli the only destination for the Argentinian legend. This affiliation is beneficial to all three parties. Barca pulled the thorn in his eyes and returned to the La Liga championship the following season. Napoli became a force in Italy, winning the Scudetto and the UEFA Cup and Maradona regained his form, before writing a legend at the 1986 World Cup.

Until now, mentioning Maradona is thinking about the 1986 World Cup and vice versa. It was a tournament that Argentina was not overestimated, but thanks to the talent of Maradona, he alone pulled the South American team to the top of the world. All the quintessence of Maradona gathered in the quarter-finals against England. He opened the score 51 minutes by using his hand to play the ball when he jumped to dispute the ball. This goal was later known as the “Hand of God”.

Also against England, Maradona scored one of the best goals of all time. From the middle of the pitch, he broke through five English players, before making the score 2-0. Maradona went on to score another double against Belgium in the semi-finals, and an assist in the final against West Germany. He was selected as the best player of the tournament.

The name Diego Maradona has forever become history. But football continued. New talented young players will replace him in implementing that passion. Tournaments like the Champions League, Premier League, Fifa World Cup, … are still taking place around the planet. Don’t forget to update lich thi dau bong da on the Ibongda website and follow them.

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