The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Body You Want


The arrival of summer is the seasonal reminder that prompts us to do something about our bodies which we’ve been neglecting throughout the winter. A lot of people fantasize about how they will look on the beach in the body of their dreams. To help you get the body of your dreams instead of just dreaming about it, we’ve created the ultimate guide that can get you closer to your target in the shortest time frame possible.

There is No Magical Solution

As sad as this may sound, there is no such thing as the single magical solution that’s going to work for everyone. Whether it’s CrossFit or climbing mountains, you shouldn’t adopt the experience of others and focus on it solely. Creating a customized plan with your own targets in mind is going to help you reach your goal faster. Getting a few tips from others is always useful, but it should be within the framework of the plan you’ve created for yourself. Instead of one big change, use a variety of small little changes to get closer to your target.

Replace Running with Cycling

A lot of people think that running for long stretches of time is the only way to do proper cardio, but in fact, cycling can be a better option for you. While running may help you burn more calories because it exercises many muscles in your body, cycling is much less strenuous. You’ll eventually be able to burn more calories through cycling because you’ll be able to do it for a longer duration than if you were to run. It’s better if you use a smart home bicycle that can allow you to monitor the state of your body while keeping you comfortable. If you’re in doubt about which brand you should go with, this comparison can help you understand the main differences between two of the most popular brands, Echelon and Peloton. Incorporating cycling into your routine will help you achieve the body you want faster, in addition to being easier, and more fun and sustainable.

Avoid Excessively Working Out

Working out is one of the foundational elements of any weight loss plan. But this doesn’t mean that it can be abused to help you reach your goal faster. Intense workouts aren’t always good for you. If you’re not aware of the fatigue that intense workouts can do to your body, you will start overworking yourself in no time. Resting properly between workouts is the only way to avoid overtraining. If you’re constantly tired and fatigued, your body won’t be able to burn calories as efficiently, not to mention that you’ll be physically drained all the time.

Drink Water

Considered by many to be a pretty irrelevant note, drinking water is often overlooked when it comes to losing weight and building muscle. Dehydration is going to be your biggest enemy if you don’t drink enough water. This is extra important for those who do intense workouts and cardio. Water contains a lot of important minerals that your body uses to stay healthy and operational, depriving them of the body can only make it harder to achieve your goals, not to mention dangerous. It’s hard to drink too much water, but if you’re looking for the optimum amount, you’ll find it within the 3-4 liters range.


Sleep Well

The body and brain use sleep to regulate hormones, regenerate, and build muscles. Proper sleep is as important as working out, perhaps more important. You’ll be wasting a lot of the effort you’re doing to lose weight or build muscles if you’re not getting proper sleep every night. It’s also going to affect the intensity of your workouts because you’ll constantly feel fatigued due to improper sleeping patterns. Ensure that you get at least 7 hours of sleep every day to avoid overloading your body and keep it fully functional.

Don’t Deprive Yourself of Food

Switching to a healthy diet is not the easiest thing to do in the world. People often turn to food for comfort and enjoyment, and not just as a means to survive. From the perspective of someone who is switching to a healthy diet, ditching bad food is a big step. But a lot of beginners get into the habit of depriving themselves of their favorite foods and constantly eating food that they hate. This is a very unsustainable habit, and it can affect you negatively on a psychological level. Instead of removing all the food that you love from your life, try to eat it less frequently in smaller portions.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Body You Want

People are so used to putting off working on their body that their idea of the “perfect body” becomes closer to a dream, rather than a tangible goal that can be achieved in a few months. The hardest part about transforming your body isn’t the exercise or diet you’ll be doing, it’s the manifestation of the willpower needed to take the first step and commit to the process.

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