Tips to keep Watching your favorite Sports while Travelling

Missing out on sports due to travel plans is really disappointing for a sports lover, especially those who love punting on their favorite games. Nearly 2.5-3.5 billion people around the world love sports like cricket and soccer with even a regional sports event having around 400 million viewers worldwide. Sports watching is convenient in a specific area but traveling from one place to another makes that job quite tiresome. Opting for online sports streaming remains the best option for enjoying one’s favorite game. Yet, streaming services may not be functional in all places, like outside of the designated country. Thus, diehard fans, especially the ones who are heavily into sports betting on popular websites such as promoguy are always keen on watching their favorite games even while traveling.

Streaming Apps and Sites

Online streaming on popular services with a paid account is the most well-known way of streaming sports events. With an existing account, you can stream sports from anywhere without having to worry about internet stability or accessibility.

The problem with streaming apps may arise while traveling outside the country, the app may be restricted to only one country or one international region and may not be functional outside the region. Another problem is of expensive paid subscription, a monthly or yearly subscription package is required to avail of the services, and streaming is blocked when the subscription expires. Free streaming sites are often illegal and can scam money from users.

Availing VPN

The next best option to stream worldwide is using a VPN. A VPN will not block your IP address and location like a streaming website or app and will give you unlimited access from any part of the world. VPNs are used frequently while traveling by changing the location of the user to the desired country. The location can be changed depending on which country is denying access via streaming services, a VPN will provide access by changing the IP address according to the location.

Lookout for the VPN Pitfalls

Free VPNs are desirable but they are often overloaded with users with a limited amount of network providers. They do not allow unrestrained streaming, less than 2 hours in most cases, and are not globally attainable due to the scarcity of servers. The free VPNs also involve the danger of identity theft, personal internet exploitation for network benefits, and money laundering. Although not all users will be prone to the above-stated dangers, there are possibilities of falling into the networking scam and unstable viewing of broadcasts of poor quality.

There are paid VPN services that are legal and safe to use which provide better internet stability and higher-quality streaming. Users may not get their desired free service, but VPNs are affordable and better in the long run.


Traveling is fun and so are sports and the combination of the two can make the journey even better. All you have to do is start streaming on your favorite VPN or other streaming services to get the best experience of the journey. Be careful while selecting services and opt for inexpensive ones to get the best offers and best quality of streaming. Try to avoid free services that have attractive offers as most of them are fraudulent and most importantly have the poorest network. Your viewing experience can be ruined by these servers. Check out the services for yourself and have a great travel experience.