Types Of Bonuses In Bingo Games


Bingo is a really competitive industry, with loads of people playing online bingo games, and plenty of gaming companies trying to entice players to play on their platforms. That means that there are many companies also offering bonuses to their users. It’s a way to encourage people to sign up for an account and start to play bingo with them.

So what are the types of bonuses that you usually see offered by these companies, and how do they work?

Mini Games

Some bingo sites have free mini-games built into them, which can be a chance to win money or receive other forms of bonuses while you play.

These mini-games might crop up randomly at any time and act as a free bonus game for the players to get involved in. They won’t ask you for any money to have a go.

Free Spins

Among the bonuses we often see are free spins. A lot of bingo sites also have casino games including slot machines, and this is one of the common free bingo bonuses advertised. When you sign up for an account, or sign up and deposit, there is a chance to get some free spins on a slot game to try and win some extra money. In this scenario players really have nothing to lose.

Free Cards

Some bingo companies encourage people by offering them free cards. For example, you may be rewarded with games where you’ve had a near miss or just for buying cards regularly, and given free cards to play another game.

A lot of bingo companies are happy to provide free cards to enter into the next game.

Matched Deposits

Matched deposits are another common signup bonus. For example, you might be able to get extra money to gamble with. You may deposit $10 but get an extra 100% matched deposit, meaning that you get $20 in the account to gamble with. You will usually have to gamble this rather than withdraw it, so it isn’t a way to get some free money, but it is a good system for maximizing your first deposit.

Some of the bingo companies out there even offer more than 100% as a bonus, so you might be able to deposit $10 but even get $40 or $50 to play with.

Cash Bonuses

Sometimes there are cash-back bonuses as part of the signup process where you might be rewarded with real money for signing up. Sometimes this will go straight into the bingo account and it encourages you to use it to gamble, but this depends on the operator.

Loyalty Bonuses

This is something that a lot of bingo players look for when choosing which site to use. It makes sense to have a bingo account with a site that rewards you for loyalty, not just for signing up and starting to play the game.

Loyalty bonuses might be emailed to you and can come in the form of free cards or a variety of other bonuses, some even have partner organizations to give you bonuses with, a bit like the free spins on a casino site when you sign up. Often, bingo companies might put some free money or a free card in your account to get you playing and to thank you for being a consistent player.


Bingo games and bingo sites are always looking for new ways to encourage and reward players, so there are a lot of free bonuses out there if you know where to look and how to find them, it’s a case of doing your research before making an account.

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