Utility Shed vs. Lofted Barn: Which One Is Right for You?


Buying a shed might seem like an easy task, but, in reality, finding the correct shed for your storage needs is not that easy. You have to spend time looking through different sheds to find a quality shed. Utility sheds and lofted barns are common types of sheds used for storing items.

A utility shed is a storage shed with an A-Frame roofline designed to look like most residents. A lofted barn has a unique barn-style appearance, and its roof style is known as the Dutch or Gambrel roof. These sheds have various advantages. Hence you need to be careful when choosing one.

Here is more information on which shed between the utility shed and lofted barn is the right choice for you.

Accepted by Most HOAs

If you are living in an HOA community, you are aware of the rules put in place by the HOA regarding the appearance of the house and any other structure. A utility shed’s simple and practical look makes it the most common HOA-approved storage shed. It is easy to find utility sheds for sale near me that will not put you in trouble with your HOA.

Purpose of the Shed

Before you buy a shed, you already have in mind what you will do with the shed once it gets to your home. If you use your shed for simple storage, workshop, or garden shed, you should buy one of the utility sheds for sale near me. You can use the utility shed to store your Christmas decorations and gardening tools or turn it into a home office.

Extra Storage Space

If you have many items you need to store, you should purchase the lofted barn. It has additional storage space near the roof that you can utilize if you run out of space on the shed’s floor. The Dutch or Gambrel roof design also provides more headspace if you design to turn it into a working space.

You Have To Spend More for Extra Space

The bigger the shed, the more money you will have to spend to get it. Lofted barns are expensive compared to utility sheds because they provide extra storage space. If you are on a tight budget, you should consider buying one of the utility sheds for sale near me.

Utility Sheds Have Various Designs

You will find various utility shed designs that can match any house in any neighborhood. Some of the utility sheds have extra features such as porches that make them look great for a “man cave,” “she shed,” or “playhouse.” When looking for utility sheds for sale near me, you can find different designs, unlike lofted barns.

Consider Utility Sheds for Sale Near Me

Utility Sheds are high-quality structures that work perfectly as storage units, working areas, or leisure rooms. There are different utility shed designs; go through them with the salesperson and choose the one that suits your purpose. Some manufacturers also let you design your utility shed and send them the design, and they will build it for you. However, designing your utility shed might be more expensive than building a ready-made one.




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