Were you charged with unfair overdraft fees by PNC? How a Lawyer Can Help

When it comes to finances, people put their faith in banks and expect them to protect their money. Unfortunately, some financial institutions that people trust, take advantage of customer faith, in order to illegally make more money. While certain banks take pride in caring for their customers’ money, others are more interested in making money, even at the expense of their customers.

An overdraft fee is implemented when customers spend more than they have in their bank accounts. The expectation is that the customer is charged a reasonable fee for the amount they go over and that these penalties only occur when customers truly go over their limits. Usually, when you sign up with a bank, this information is explained to you and clarified in writing. 

While overdraft fees are sound polices when applied fairly, in the case of PNC Bank, overdraft fees were charged unfairly, causing millions of vulnerable customers, including those who were automatically switched to PNC bank from BBVA, to suffer. Transparency of PNC overdraft policies were not clarified to these customers. Many were not told they needed virtual PNC notifications to inform them when funds were low. 

Were you charged with unfair overdraft fees by PNC? Continue reading to learn how a lawyer can help you pursue a PNC lawsuit. 

Your Lawyer Will Arbitrate And File For A PNC Lawsuit 

To avoid public scrutiny, some banks enforce policies of arbitration should any legal disputes arise against them. Customers often agree to these terms when they fill out customer paperwork. Despite these safeguards, lawyers are willing to go above and beyond and seek additional action with a PNC lawsuit if needed.

Your Lawyer Will Gather Evidence Of Bank Misconduct And Customer Manipulation 

Information can be gathered to add merit to your lawsuit against PNC Bank. Critical details that may be disclosed include that you are now a PNC bank customer without the virtual apps needed for low fund notifications, and evidence that you’ve been charged overdraft fees at least once in the past year while using your debit card. 

Qualified and experienced lawyers know how to utilize evidence to support their clients’ cases. Your lawyer will handle a thorough investigation so that all the information you need to win out in your PNC lawsuit is gathered ahead of time, in preparation for legal proceedings. 

You Won’t Be Charged Lawyer Fees Unless You Win

Lawyers that handle legal cases of bank fraud understand that victims are not in the position to be paying for legal services upfront. With a trusted lawyer, you will only pay if you win the PNC lawsuit. Lawyer fees will be a percentage that is obtained from the compensation won out of the case. 

Get The Justice You Deserve 

In the interest of making more money, some powerful institutions conduct illegal acts. If PNC bank has unfairly charged you overdraft fees, get a lawyer involved and get justice for the wrongdoing displaced upon you and millions of other PNC customers with a PNC lawsuit.