Where is the best place to buy Instagram Followers?

If you are sure that your content is really good and you want to make it more visible, then it’s time to think about how to achieve this in the shortest possible time with services like growthoid and Buying Instagram followers will be one of the great ideas for it. Just imagine that you can get the required number of followers and provide your content with new readers at a very affordable price. It’s very cool, isn’t it?

But you will have a new task – where exactly is the best place to buy followers for your account? We will try to answer this question in the article. So, take a comfortable seat.

Why do you need to buy Instagram followers?

Where is the best place to buy Instagram Followers

To begin with, you need to get rid of the thought that your aspiration to acquire followers is something bad or wrong. On the contrary, it is a natural need to get the desired result and actively search for effective tools that will contribute to solving this problem.

In addition, it is worth considering the fact that many stars, popular faces, and even global brands used and from time to time use paid services, ordering followers. No one is trying to fool anyone.

Such manipulations are necessary for:

  • creating a value,
  • attracting user attention,
  • receiving encouragement from a large audience, etc.

People tend to give preference to what is already popular or in high demand from others. Such a rush demonstrates influence, reliability, and credibility. In other words, a strong social attractiveness is created and more and more users will be interested in your page, brand or business. You will get a wider reach of your audience, new customers and fans.

However, you need to always be alert and remember that not all companies provide real followers. You want to get the result, not the visibility, don’t you? We will teach you how to recognize reliable companies, and you will be ready for anything.

Buying followers: both sides of the coin

Have you ever thought about how Instagram chooses what to show to a large audience and what doesn’t? It’s all about page popularity. Thus, in order to get a large reach, you need to prove that your content is truly worthy of attention.

  • Instagram considers pages with a large number of followers and high user activity as something useful and interesting.
  • The more traffic passes through a certain profile, the higher its chances of reaching the top of the news feed are.

Therefore, buying followers may seem an effective way to achieve the desired result and push the Instagram system to the natural advancement of your profile. However, this idea is good only in the short term, especially if you have neglected the verification of the company, with which you decided to cooperate, on its reliability. Buying low-quality followers can have a detrimental effect, ranging from temporarily blocking your account, ending with its complete removal.

Below you will find the main 5 reasons why you should avoid buying cheap followers

1. Fake followers and fake popularity

The more followers an account have, the greater may be a decrease in user activity. Of course, your followers cannot comment daily on your publications when you have more than 1 million, however, if over time the maximum number of comments does not exceed a couple of pieces per week, it becomes suspicious.  Its important you focus on buying real Instagram followers.

Often, truly popular and live accounts demonstrate the following interaction scheme:

  • 1-10K followers – up to 4% of the activity;
  • 10K-1 million followers – up to 2.4% participation;
  • 1 million followers – up to 1.7% of activity.

Thus, if the above-mentioned system goes out of balance, then your real followers may begin to resent because they are being tricked, giving false popularity as reality. You would not want someone to try to drag you around, aren’t you? Therefore, avoid it yourself. Be more attentive.

2. Buying followers get ready to “purge”

If the likelihood that you will disappoint your followers by buying fake followers does not scare you, then what do you say about purge?

Purge is a very unpleasant process of removing fake followers and likes, which the Instagram system occasionally does. Even if you are already popular and you have a rather impressive audience, but you have been seen buying followers, you cannot escape punishment. In 2014, such a nuisance occurred with the famous American singer Ariana Grande, whose page came under the purge and lost its rating. Of course, now her profile has regained its former popularity, however, it was a lesson for everyone.

Instagram considers such actions as a direct violation of the rules for its use, as you try to cheat and circumvent the conditions of the platform. Therefore, during the purge, a huge reservoir of your work can be removed without any compensation, and all the money spent on buying followers will go nowhere.  So make sure you plan carefully when you buy Instagram followers.

3. Fakes don’t make a purchase

Buying followers, you create the appearance of popularity, but it is worth remembering that this is only an appearance for which there is no:

  • real purchases,
  • sincere recommendations to friends,
  • active brand promotion.

Fake followers silently play their role bait and nothing more. Therefore, if you are counting on making money from such maneuvers, then you are deeply mistaken, because brands, before starting cooperation, carefully check your account for real credibility and know exactly what you are.

In addition to visual appeal and a large number of followers, your profile should show a high ranking of the involvement and interest of the audience in your publications. So, you should have a well thought out plan for this, otherwise, your costs for paid services will exceed your earnings on your IG account.

4. Buying cheap followers devalues ​​your reputation

The modern world has provided everyone with the opportunity to go online and read reviews about a particular product or service before placing an order. Therefore, if someone once caught you cheating the number of your followers, then you instantly lose your users’ confidence and your reputation as well. Since it is unlikely that someone will want to deal with a person who creates fake popularity.

Such things entail a loss of user attention and a desire to make an order with you. Thus, as a result, you get a lack of involvement and low reputation. You will lose new customers, and your expenses will only increase.

5. Fake followers have a detrimental effect on your brand

In addition to a bad reputation, your account may also suffer due to comments from the bot pages, which will be among the fake followers you have bought. So, if you come across just empty pages – you can say that you are lucky. Bot accounts are dangerous because they leave inappropriate comments, which at best cause laughter.

It is unlikely that you want to buy followers who will spoil the impression of your brand. Moreover, after a couple of irrelevant and funny comments, you may lose the users’ interest in your brand, as it will be associated with something strange.

Where to buy the right followers

First of all, you need to understand for what purposes you are buying followers. If you are only interested in their quantity and not quality, then you should not bother about where to buy them. If you want to get a high level of user engagement besides visual popularity, then you need to contact only reliable companies that provide paid services for a long time and are responsible for their high efficiency.

Regarding the buying process with disregard, you end up with what you pay for. Therefore, most often, cheap followers are useless followers, as they do not leave comments, do not put likes, do not make orders and do not advise your account or brand to their friends. Moreover, cheap followers jeopardize your reputation and the successful future of your brand. Real followers will immediately understand that your popularity is empty and does not represent anything and will be disappointed in your brand.

Over the years, InstaGrowing has been successfully operating, constantly improving its working strategies and increasing the number of regular customers from all over the world.

  • These guys will help you get the desired result and provide you with the necessary number of real followers.
  • You will be able to develop your business and devote more time to your beloved occupation, instead of eliminating problems arising from poor-quality and cheap services.

Make the right choice and enjoy real services!


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