Which Tire Brand Should I Buy?


Tire Brands You Should Consider

There is a myriad of tires in the market designed to cater to different needs and it can be overwhelming to consider so many options.

Investing in a set of good quality tires is paramount in helping to ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience. There are a variety of factors that need to be taken into account when trying to find the perfect set of tires that meet your needs. Therefore, we have combined our top ten list of tire brands, looking at the different components that you might want to know about when shopping for your next set of tires. For those interested in knowing more, here is a michelin tires comparison.

1. Michelin

Established as early as 1889, Michelin has become one of the most famous tire brands in the world, with a reputation of top-notch quality rubber that helps you to get a bang for your buck with each tire. Michelin tires are also known to go through rounds of intensive testing in order to give users a safe driving experience. 

Moreover, Michelin has a wide range of tires, suitable for different seasons and road conditions. From the Michelin Defender, which is suitable for family cars in all seasons, to the Michelin Agilis, which is built for commercial heavy-duty vehicles, you are guaranteed to find one that best suits your needs.

2. Goodyear

Over the years, Goodyear has become one of the American staple tire companies that produce top-quality tires for both professional racecar drivers as well as the layman. Not surprisingly, their biggest selling point would have to be the durability of their tires, with exceptionally good grip and handling. 

Goodyear manufactures tires for all sorts of uses including passenger, truck/SUV, trailers, commercial vehicles, lawn and garden/golf carts, construction, and even farming. With their trademark TredLock Technology, Goodyear tires have incredible traction, making it a go-to for even the harshest of weather and road conditions. 

3. Continental

With over a century’s worth of history, this German tire manufacturing company is most known for having differentiated options for luxury cars like Mercedes. Continental tires give a good blend of comfort and handling. With an acclaimed braking distance, these tires come in a range of categories such as passenger, commercial truck, and SUV, and are value for money.

Some of the most highly recommended tires for each category include the Continental VancoFourSeason for large commercial trucks and SUVs, Continental CrossContact UHP for the racecar drivers out there, as well as the Continental WinterContact SI for your car on a snowy day. 


4. BF Goodrich

Although it offers a narrower range of tire types that emphasizes performance, BF Goodrich has gained popularity as one of the best tires that helps to boost your driving experience. With vigorous research and development, BF Goodrich has tires that help both the professional racecar drivers, to the everyday racecar junkie. 

For those looking for an all-season tire, the BF Goodrich Advantage T/A Sport is the one to go for. With innovative technology, this all-rounded tire is sure to meet your needs. Other tires include the Long Trail T/A Tour, All-Terrain T/A KO2, and Mud-Terrain T/A KM2, which are all excellent tires in their respective categories.

5. Bridgestone

Bridgestone tires have shocked the market with their incredibly innovative rayon cord tires and radial tire construction. With its constant innovation and improvements, bringing something new to the table with every release of tire models, it is no wonder that Bridgestone is the biggest rubber and tire manufacturers in the world. 

As with other big brands, Bridgestone also manufactures car tires for all-season, highway, all-terrain, run-flat, sport as well as snow, in both the passenger and truck/SUV categories.

6. Cooper

Dedicated to their mission of offering affordable, yet top-quality tires, Cooper has been manufacturing tires with the most up-to-date technology that are highly durable under a variety of road conditions. This makes Cooper tires a worthy investment. As with Bridgestone, Cooper has also devoted itself to going green in their manufacturing processes.

From the all-season Cooper Evolution Tour tires to the snow-compatible Cooper Evolution Winter tires, Cooper manufactures a large range of tires for the passenger and truck/SUV categories.

7. Falken

Next on the list, we have Falken tires, a Japanese manufacturing company that is relatively new to the market. Despite this, Falken has already built its reputation as one of the most versatile and trustworthy brands out there. Falken tires are designed to be high performing, bringing high-quality handling and high-speed capabilities to their drivers. 

Falken produces tires for the passenger, truck/SUV, and commercial truck categories, with it’s Falken Ziex ZE950 A/S as one of the best tires there is in their catalog, suitable for all seasons.

8. Pirelli

This Italian brand has established itself as one of the most high-performance tires, suitable for luxury cars like Maserati and Ferrari. Its exhaustive research has resulted in top-quality tires for even the everyday driver.

Under the passenger and truck/SUV category, Pirelli manufactures many different types of tires that are sure to suit your needs. Some of these include the Pirelli P4 Four Seasons Plus, Scorpion STR, Scorpion Verde, and Scorpion Winter.  


9. Toyo

Best known for producing A-grade tires at mid-range prices, Toyo tires are manufactured to have about up to 40% longer tread life than other tires in the market. This sets Toyo apart from its competitors as having long-lasting tires fit for all road types and conditions.

Similar to Falken, Toyo manufactures tires for the passenger, truck/SUV, and commercial truck categories, with the Toyo Open Country A/T II being the tire that gives 40% more tread life than its competitors.

10. Yokohama

Last but not least, Yokohama tires use frontline technology in all its tire models, paving the way for creating tires with lasting tread designs that provide drivers a smooth and comfortable drive while being better for the fuel economy. 

Yokohama has tires for the passenger, truck/SUV, and commercial truck categories, as well as a variety of leading models.


Knowing which tires best fits your needs is important when deciding which tire to buy. Doing your research beforehand can help you make a more informed decision before you break out your wallet and decide on the tires you would like to invest in.

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