Add Fresh Life to your Home with these Indoor Plants


Now that you have put together all your stuff in the house and have decorated your house with different materials, it is time for you to add one more important thing to your home! We are talking about indoor plants. Indoor plants can give a refreshing look to your house and you will be surprised to know that these plants have so many benefits. From purifying the air by removing harmful toxins from the air to providing you mental health benefits, you will be enjoying the company of different indoor plants in your sweet home. But what plants to incorporate? Well, take a look at these plants mentioned below and we will also introduce to you how plant art is done the professional way.

Snake Plant

Snake plants require very less care and to top everything, have unrivaled air purifying qualities. It expels four out of five poisons and is also one of the plants that remove carbon dioxide at night. All in all, it keeps on cleaning the air in your home and will let you sleep peacefully at night.

Money Plant

A plant with the most attractive leaves that shower good luck and prosperity upon you. Yes, the plant is known to attract good luck, positive energies, and much more to your house. Apart from all this, the plant has air purifying characteristics and is recommended by NASA to remove harmful elements from the air. So, it’s time to bring in a money plant.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also known as the magic plant or miracle plant and there are a lot of facts and reasons for this name. The plant is known worldwide for its exceptional medicinal properties that heal the human body. The extract of this amazing plant is used in many medicines, drugs, powders, creams, etc. to heal people internally and externally. Also, it only requires a moderate level of care. Place the plant near windows and water when the soil is dry.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

As visible from the name, the plant is lucky for you and your loved ones. Similarly to the money plant, the lucky bamboo plant also attracts positive vibes, good luck, and money. Placing the plant at the right spot in your house will have a great positive effect according to the Feng Shui. Just keep one thing in mind that you need to place the plant in water all the time.

Areca Palm

The best plant to add charm to your home decor. The leaves are beautiful in the shape of butterflies and the plant is therefore called Butterfly palm as well. It is a natural humidifier and maintains the humidity level in the house. Keep the plant at a spot with low light and don’t overwater the plant.

So, these were the best indoor plants that you should incorporate in your house. These plants will not only add charm to your house, but will also provide you with many more benefits. Bring in these plants from your local nursery or purchase them online to turn your home into an oxygen villa.

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