The History of the French Fry

The French fry has become a fast-food staple over the years, and even high-end restaurants have their own twists of how to add flavor and texture to this delicious snack or side dish. Its popularity is steadily increasing, and more and more people around the world are having a taste of its … Read more

The History of Beer in New England

two glasses of hazy beer

The founding of the beer-making industry in New England was an accident, as the beer-brewing pilgrims who stayed in the area more than 400 years ago were intending to move to another location other than New England. But the booming beer business in the region is not an accident since it is … Read more

The History of Russian Beer

a glass of Baltika beer

Most drinkers probably know Russia as the birthplace of vodka, but there are other popular alcoholic beverages that are manufactured or brewed in the country as well, and one of them is the lager beer. However, Russia did not have breweries that specialized in lager beer until the 20th century due to … Read more

The History of Beer in Texas

a can of Lone Star Beer with a silhouette of Texas

Texas is warm and humid, which are the reasons why the people living there are always thirsty and craving for drinks. There are many beverages available in the state, but none can satisfy the thirst of most Texans than a cold glass of beer. While Texas is home to a few of … Read more

The History of Beer in China

beer drank in a Chinese bowl

China is considered one of the biggest exporters of beer in the world, as the country is home to several popular beer brands like Snow Beer and Tsingtao Beer. Both of the previously mentioned beers are lager, which is made by cold brewing yeasts until they ferment near the bottom of the … Read more

Interesting Facts about Hamburgers

A table with four hamburgers served

There’s nothing more American than the hamburger. When you ask people around the world to list some American foods, the burger is most probably on top of the list. People love them, and billions of them are consumed around the world. The hamburger is a much-loved sandwich that most people have craved … Read more

Interesting Quotes about Hamburgers

A hamburger set on a plate

Hamburgers aren’t the healthiest food in the world, but boy oh boy, aren’t they tasty? A juicy beef patty sandwiched in two hot buns, layered with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, cheese, ketchup, onions, or whatever you like – it’s the ultimate comfort food. Perhaps one reason why it’s a typical “comfort” food is … Read more

The History of Beer in Belgium

Beer is one of the popular alcoholic beverages in Belgium and comes in several types.  It has shaped the country’s economic, social, and cultural viability. Beer has been so embedded in the everyday lives of the Belgians and their culture that UNESCO has inscribed Belgian beer on the “Intangible Cultural Heritage” list. … Read more