Artist Profile: Simply Red

Simply Red is a band that was formed in 1983 in Manchester. The band’s frontman, Mick Hucknall was the only original member left in the band since they initially disbanded in 2010. During the peak of the band’s career, they managed to produce ten songs that entered the top ten in the … Read more

Artist Profile: Steve Winwood

Stevie_Winwood (1970)

Steve Winwood was born as Stephen Laurence Winwood on May 1948. He is an English singer and musician who played different genres including blue-eyed soul, rhythm and blues, progressive rock, jazz, blues rock, and pop. Steve Winwood became a key member for different groups such as Traffic,The Spencer Davis Group, and Blind … Read more

Artist Profile: The Cars

Artist Profile: The Cars

Formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1976, The Cars were a new wave rock band comprising of Ric Ocasek (rhythm guitar, vocals, songwriting) Elliot Easton (lead guitar), David Robinson (drums) Greg Hawkes (keyboards), and Benjamin Orr (bass guitar and vocals). The Cars are one of the most successful American new wave band in … Read more

Top Female Pop Stars of the 80s

In the 1980s, music lovers witnessed a shift in the music industry with the unveiling of some of the greatest of all time singers, songwriters and musicians. The magic in music was mainly a contribution by women pop stars that very confidently filled music with bold fashion, heart-touching lyrics and fusion of … Read more