Is it Safe to Take CBD and Alcohol at the Same Time?

Cbd and alcohol have almost similar effects, and some people tend to misuse these two substances together. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant and does not have any psychoactive substance that makes people feel high.

After getting extracted from the plant, CBD can be mixed with coconut, olive, or palm oils to make CBD oil. People with anxiety, pain, and depression take it in capsules, sprays, and balms or mix it with food products to suppress the disorders.

CBD also helps calm anxiety and bring a relaxation feeling in consumers. Preliminary studies suggest that it may offer various health benefits, such as reduced anxiety and improved pain management. Visit to learn more health benefits of CBD.

On the other hand, alcohol is made from the fermentation of yeast and sugars to form a potent depressant. It also brings about a more relaxed feeling. Alcohol also affects mood, coordination, and speech.

Some people claim that mixing CBD and alcohol brings a more relaxed effect, but researchers are yet to prove this claim. Furthermore, the fact that both substances are depressants, combining them might negatively affect the body.

Brewers and Manufacturers of CBD-Instilled Beer

Although brewers do not yet have the right to make CBD-instilled beer, some are already adding CBD drops in beer. However, no research shows that the two substances complement each other yet or are safe for consumption. Read this guide to learn more about beer.

Health specialists have also not yet confirmed whether these substances get mixed in the correct ratios. Study shows that you will suffer some effects even when taking these two substances less than eight hours apart.

Alcohol and CBD have a common characteristic of relaxing your body and lowering your inhibitions. Mixing the two could make the effects more potent and long-lasting. As a result, you are likely to get more intense sleep or be over-excited for a longer time.

Are There Any Benefits of Taking CBD Oil and Alcohol?

Although scientists have researched more about the health effects of taking CBD with alcohol, there is no proof that CBD oil can protect you from the side effects of alcohol.

Some people claim that taking alcohol and CBD oil prevents cell damage caused by excess alcohol consumption. However, this is a report for a study done on animals, not human beings, so it is hard to conclude that humans’ same effect will happen.

Another researcher claimed that CBD could reduce the amount of alcohol concentration in the blood. This research occurred in 1970, where a sample of 10 people took 200 milligrams of CBD after taking alcohol, and it reduced the blood alcohol concentration.

CBD of 200 milligrams is very high, more than five times the amount recommended for human beings. However, researchers are yet to confirm if 20 milligrams of CBD taken alongside alcohol could have a similar effect.

Some studies claim that CBD can cure alcohol addiction. However, the researchers used the substance on animals, and after feeding them with CBD, they could tell reduced symptoms of alcohol addiction.

In addition, when tested on rats, it was found out that there was reduced alcohol intake. Again, this is because CBD reduces motivation to take alcohol.

A researcher also experimented with a human smoker and discovered that the smoker reduced cigarette consumption by 40 percent when taken CBD for one week.

Other Side Effects of Taking Alcohol and CBD

While some people intentionally take cocktails of alcohol and CBD and CBD-infused beers, other people mix the two unintentionally. For example, this happens when you take CBD and go out for drinks with a group of friends after a short while.

Also, if you take the two substances 8 hours or less apart, you will feel the side effects. Those who take alcohol and CBD at the same time intentionally will also experience these side effects. Here are some of the side effects of taking alcohol alongside CBD.


A combination of the two is likely to cause too much sleep. People with poor sleeping habits use CBD to get better sleep. Since alcohol is also a relaxant, it will cause you to sleep. Mixing the two means you will have double side effects.

This effect might be an advantage to people with a sleeping problem. However, too much sleep is also a disadvantage because sleep causes fatigue.

Low Blood Pressure

CBD and alcohol are both vasodilators, and mixing the two could lower your blood pressure. That is because they cause your blood vessels to relax and widen, reducing the blood pressure.

When the pressure drops too low, it becomes hard for the heart to push oxygenated blood to the rest of the body. Lack of oxygenated blood in the brain is the reason you will get dizzy and lightheaded.


Since CBD oil is an anti-nausea agent, taking it with alcohol could reduce the urge to vomit. That will only happen if you take CBD oil which contains small amounts of THC.

CBD and THC go to the brainstem and cause the CB1 receptors to produce serotonin. Serotonin reduces the urge to vomit.

Severe Headache

One of the side effects of alcohol is a headache. That happens because when you have a hangover, you get dehydrated and have magnesium deficiencies. Since CBD is a pain reliever, it will help reduce the headache.

Pro Tip: If you decide to mix alcohol with CBD, stick to low amounts. That will help you minimize the side effects. Using a hangover supplement may also help.

Is it Okay to Mix CBD and Alcohol?

The best way to take CBD is by placing your dosage under the tongue and waiting for 60 seconds for it to be absorbed in the bloodstream. Slight amounts of CBD taken with alcohol could have positive effects like reducing the side effects of alcohol. However, taking high dosages of CBD with alcohol will have more negative effects.

Final Words

Researchers have studied the effects of taking alcohol and CBD together on animals. So, they have not yet verified their findings on human beings. Since there has not been a medical report released to show it is or not okay to take CBD and alcohol together, it is wise to be cautious for the sake of your health and well-being.s