The Best Authentic Mexican Food Restaurants In Las Vegas

Mexican food is one of those ancient cuisines that have been developed through the years since 9,000 years ago, during the formation of the Maya civilization, which was a largely agricultural community. Mexican food is recognizable for the presence of native ingredients such as corn and chili peppers. If you live in Las Vegas and are craving for the authentic taste of Mexican cuisine, here are some restaurants you can visit:

Fiesta Mexicana

Fiesta Mexicana will be proud to say that they are the “best Mexican Food in Las Vegas come check us out today.” It’s because they serve great tasting food in servings that will not only make you full, but may also leave a little to take home with you.

The family-owned restaurant serves a wide range of Mexican food from lunch specials such as picadillo and carne asada, to classics such as enchiladas and burritos. They also have a menu for kids, as well as desserts, including churros and flan.

The restaurant has a Mexican ambiance to let you feel like you’re in Mexico. People are also raving about the excellent customer service of the place. The waiters and servers are friendly, and you’ll be greeted at the door warmly when you enter. Check them out at

Casa Don Juan

Casa Don Juan is another favorite in Las Vegas and is also a family-owned restaurant. The food is excellent with options for appetizers, main meals, drinks, and desserts. But more than the fantastic food, Casa Don Juan prides itself for the promotion of Mexico’s culture and art.

Frida Kahlo is one of Mexico’s renowned artists. Raul and Maria Gil, the owners of the restaurant, aim to maintain their heritage and they do that through food and art. They serve authentic Mexican food in their restaurant that’s full of Mexican art, most of which are Frida Kahlo’s works.

El Dorado Cantina

While most of the authentic Mexican food restaurants are small family-owned businesses, El Dorado Cantina takes things to the next level. El Dorado is supposedly a city with fabulous riches, and the cantina held up to its name by offering an upscale setting.

The decor is sophisticated but still exudes the feel of a Mexican place. You may have a little trouble reading the menu though because of the dim lighting, but it won’t be much of a strain. You’ll have no problems looking for parking because there’s plenty of space. They’re open 24 hours a day so when you feel that Mexican food craving in the middle of the night, this is the place to go.

Las Cazuelas

If upscale dining puts too much pressure on your wallet, try Las Cazuelas. This quaint little restaurant serves the most traditional Mexican cuisine that is simply delicious. They make the food from fresh ingredients that even an actual Mexican will taste its authenticity.

You’ll find classic and well-known Mexican food options such as tacos and quesadillas, but you’ll also find some uncommon choices such as Orientales, Pelonas, and Cochinita. Maybe you can even try some of the best Mexican beers such as Bohemia and Negra Modelo, making Las Cazuelas worth checking out.

Lindo Michoacan

Lindo Michoacan is a very popular Mexican restaurant in Las Vegas. The place is always packed with people that even at night time, there are still some waiting to get seats. The restaurant has been around since 1990, and it continues to do well thanks to the fantastic food, great ambiance, and friendly staff. There’s also a Mexican Mariachi band that plays music to entertain the guests.

Javier Barajas, the man behind Lindo Michoacan, learned to cook while he was studying in a seminary in Michoacan. He befriended the Mother Superior and helped around in the kitchen by lifting the heavy pots and pans. Soon enough, Sister Anita started teaching him about food preparation.

Viva Zapatas

Viva Zapatas has a wide variety of Mexican cuisine, but they are most famous for their Birria de Chivo. It’s goat meat simmered in beer with dried chilis. They serve classic Mexican dishes, but you’ll find that they always have something surprisingly new on their menu.

They serve fresh salsa and tortilla chips that they make, which you can also watch. There’s also a live musician that provides entertainment for the guests. If you’re going to Viva Zapatas, do not forget to try their margaritas.

Final Thoughts

Mexican cuisine is very popular because of its tasty and spicy food. You’ll find plenty of restaurants across Las Vegas, but the ones on this list are at the ones you should never ignore. Not only will you taste delicious food, but you will also get friendly and accommodating service.