What Is CBD Tincture Used for and Other CBD Facts

If you’re here, you’ve probably heard about CBD.

People’s lives are made easier by CBD every day. No matter how you take it, the benefits are huge.  From oil to vapor to tincture, there’s a method of intake out there for everyone. You can get all information about CBD products at traveldailynews.

But if you’re not on the CBD train yet, you’re probably wondering: What is CBD tincture used for? What are the benefits, and why should I use it? Here are some answers.

What Is CBD Tincture?

A tincture is one of the many types of CBD products on the market today.

Tinctures come in small bottles with a dropper attached to the lid. They’re made by mixing alcohol and water with the cannabis plant. This extracts the CBD components from the plant.

They’re not going to get you drunk, though.

Alcohol isn’t the only way to do this. Some tinctures are made with vinegar or glycerin in place of the alcohol. These are usually not as potent, though.

CBD tincture is a favorite among CBD users for its ease of use and effectiveness. Put a few drops under your tongue and you’re done. It’s one of the most potent and fast-acting ways of taking CBD.

What Is CBD Tincture Used For?

CBD tincture is used by a wide variety of people for a few different reasons.

Many healthy people use CBD tincture for the health benefits. They find it reduces stress, increases appetite, and fights headaches. There’s also evidence it promotes heart health, good sleep, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD is widely used by those with medical conditions. It’s a potent pain killer for those with everything from chronic pain to cancer. It can help reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy, and target pain anywhere in the body.

Sufferers of anxiety have found a lot of success with CBD. It releases pleasure hormones in the brain, leading to a reduction in stress. THC-heavier strains of CBD tend to do this even better.

Tincture is used mostly because it’s easy. There’s no setup, and no way to mess it up. If it isn’t working just add a few drops your next dose — easy.

The list of benefits that CBD allows goes on and on.

It’s good for brain health and heart health. It helps reduce glaucoma, fights seizures, and even fights acne. It’s no wonder so many people have decided to give it a try!

Is CBD Tincture the Same as CBD Oil?

Despite what many think, CBD oil and tincture are different products.

The confusion is understandable. Both come in similar bottles, and both do pretty much the same thing. The only real difference is how the products are made.

CBD tincture is defined by the alcohol-based extraction process. CBD oil sees the plant extracts mixed with oil. This can be coconut, hemp seed oil, olive — any will do.

Both forms of CBD work well, but some prefer one over the other. Tincture tastes less “plant-like”, making it preferable for mixing into food or drink. This also makes it easier to put under your tongue.

The purest CBD oil can be more potent than CBD tincture. But it’s also one of the most expensive ways to take CBD. Tincture tends to be a bit cheaper.

Can I Take Too Much CBD?

One of the most common questions about CBD is about dosage. How much should you take, and how much is too much?

There really is no “too much” when it comes to CBD. Like marijuana, you can’t overdose on it. There are no side-effects to CBD, so there’s no downside to experimenting with the amount you need.

When starting with CBD, the best policy is to start low and increase as needed. That way you’re getting the most bang for your buck. Start with a drop or two a few times a day, then increase from there if you don’t notice the effects.

The effects of CBD can be subtle at first, so give it time to work its magic. Some people notice right away, and for some it takes a week or so. Just be patient and experiment.

Will CBD Get Me High?

All CBD extracts contain THC, but not enough to get you high.

The line between a CBD product and a marijuana product is at the 0.3% THC mark. If the extract falls below this, it’s a CBD product. The small amount of THC will just help ease anxiety and boost mood without causing a high.

In fact, researchers have found that CBD prevents THC from sticking to the brain. It blocks the CB1 receptor in cells, which is largely responsible for getting you high. If you’re taking a solution that’s heavier in CBD than THC, that small amount of THC doesn’t stand a chance.

Is CBD Legal?

The legality of CBD depends on where you are.

In most states where marijuana is legal, CBD is legal in the same way. You can buy it medically or from dispensaries. But if marijuana is illegal in your state, chances are so is CBD.

CBD is a marijuana extract. Even though it doesn’t get you high, it’s still too closely associated with weed.

To add to that, CBD products are not approved by the FDA. This makes many states take cautious stances on selling and recommending it.

It’s best to do a quick Google search on the legality of CBD in your area to find the answers.

Is CBD Right For Me?

You came in asking, “What is CBD tincture used for?” Now that you know the answer to that question and a few more, you might be wondering: Is CBD right for me?

Whether you’re suffering from an illness or are 100% healthy, CBD could benefit you greatly. If you’re looking for a natural way to deal with anxiety, headaches, or even acne, give CBD a try. You’ll be glad you joined the movement!

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